OpenEars 2.505 with new guard

OpenEars 2.505 with new guard

OpenEars 2.504 with build fixes

OpenEars 2.504 with build fixes

OpenEars 2.503 with Swift 3 sample app

OpenEars 2.503 with Swift 3 sample app

OpenEars 2.503

Removal of extraneous transformations

New Italian Acoustic Model

Italian language acoustic model added, and confirmation of German model license

RuleORama 2.502

Optimizations to grammar generation time

RapidEars 2.502

Consistency changes

OpenEars 2.502

Fixes for hard-to-stop searches and several minor improvements and optimizations...

New changelog location for all OpenEars Platform changelogs

New changelog location for all OpenEars Platform changelogs

OpenEars 2.501

Attempted fix for issues when doing many switches between JSGF grammars...

SaveThatWave 2.5

Compatibility update for OpenEars 2.5, bitcode slice now available as a configurable add-on in the...

RuleORama 2.5

RuleORama is now compatible with all of the languages that OpenEars is compatible with....

Rejecto 2.5

Rejecto is now compatible with all of the languages that OpenEars is compatible with...

RapidEars 2.5

RapidEars now is compatible with all of the languages OpenEars is compatible with...

OpenEars 2.5

OpenEars and its plugins now support speech recognition using English, Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Dutch...

NeatSpeech 2.5

Compatibility update for OpenEars 2.5, bitcode slice now available as a configurable add-on in the...

OpenEars 2.041

Brings OpenEars up to the current version of the Sphinx...

SaveThatWave 2.04

Compatibility update for OpenEars 2.04

RuleORama 2.04

RuleORama is now not concerned with the case of text input – you do not need to capitalize words...

Rejecto 2.04

Rejecto is now not concerned with the case of text input – you do not need to capitalize words...

RapidEars 2.04

improvements to memory usage, fix for possible crash when stopping or when an event automatically...

OpenEars 2.04

Fix for excessive memory usage during recognition...

NeatSpeech 2.0.4

Compatibility update for OpenEars 2.04.

RapidEars 2.03

Improvements to recognition

OpenEars 2.03

Fixes for accuracy issues with language models containing punctuation...

Rejecto 2.03

Fix for a dictionary generation error which could result in otherwise-detectable words missing from...

OpenEars 2.02

Raises ceiling for vadThreshold to 5.0 to allow Spanish acoustic model-using developers to...

OpenEars 2.01

Fixes for accuracy issues in 2.0.

RapidEars 2.01

Improvements to recognition

OpenEars 2.0

Many improvements, read more here.

SaveThatWave 2.0

Simplification, code modernization, compatibility with OpenEars and RapidEars 2.0

RuleORama 2.0

Code modernization and compatibility with OpenEars 2.0 and 2.0 plugins

Rejecto 2.0

Code modernization and compatibility update for OpenEars and RapidEars 2.0

RapidEars 2.0

Major overhaul to stability, optimization, and features

NeatSpeech 2.0

Compatibility update for OpenEars 2.0 and code modernization.

RapidEars 1.69

More RuleORama fixes

RuleORama 1.01

Fix for crash with logically-impossible grammars

RapidEars 1.68

Fix for compatibility problems with RuleORama

OpenEars 1.7.1

Fix for Spanish phonemes

RapidEars 1.66

Fix for issue changing models

NeatSpeech 1.66

Minor update for current Xcode 5.1.1 compatibility

RuleORama 1.0

Initial release

OpenEars 1.7

OpenEars can now dynamically generate JSGF grammars (blog post)

OpenEars 1.66

A fix to the order of the Spanish lookup dictionary that could affect accuracy

Rejecto 1.65

Compatibility update for new OpenEars stability changes

RapidEars 1.65

Stability improvements

OpenEars 1.65

Many stability and reliability improvements during long periods of listening (also for RapidEars)

NeatSpeech 1.65

API update for new OpenEars 1.65 compatibility

RapidEars 1.64

64-bit compatibility

Rejecto 1.64

64-bit compatibility

NeatSpeech 1.64

64-bit compatible, louder speech volume, more stability

OpenEars 1.64

OpenEars and all of its plugins are now 64-bit compatible

OpenEars 1.5.1

Fix for a case in which null hypotheses could be returned even when no requests for null...

OpenEars 1.5

Countless improvements, now supports Spanish, testing tools...

NeatSpeech 1.5

Many voice improvements and new Spanish voices.

NeatSpeech 1.5.1

Fix for crash on dealloc, errors in documentation, male Spanish voices sound more masculine.

OpenEars 1.5.2

Fix for a case in which speech would not be re-routed out of the main speaker, instead routing to...

OpenEars 1.3.6

Another improvement to the potential deadlock, and a fix for a possible crash when generating very...

SaveThatWave 1.5

Now works with RapidEars

Rejecto 1.5

Rejecto now works with Spanish

RapidEars 1.5

Supports Spanish, direct paths to acoustic models, SmartCMN, and many more improvements

OpenEars 1.3.4

Fix mistake in 1.3.3 which exacerbated deadlock rather than fixing it. Should now be fine.

OpenEars 1.3.3

Fix for a potential deadlock when initiating stopListening from one of OpenEarsEventsObserver's...

OpenEars 1.3.2

Fixes a small memory leak.

OpenEars 1.3.1

A more definitive fix for the issue with rebuilding frameworks.

OpenEars 1.3.0 Final

1.3 is now the shipping version, with fixes to verbosity and apostrophe handling and a major...

Rejecto 1.1

Fix for apostrophes being omitted from language models and dictionaries

NeatSpeech 1.02

Fixes for too-quiet UK voices.

OpenEars 1.3.0 Preview

Created a preview, downloadable next to the current version 1.2.5 on the main page, which uses...

NeatSpeech 1.01

Fixes for popping noises with UK voice and some API additions for stopping speech.

OpenEars 1.2.5

Bugfix release to fix crashes with null hypotheses when using JSGF or n-best.

SaveThatWave 1.64


SaveThatWave 1.0

Initial Distribution

OpenEars 1.2.4

Removed incorrect codesigning

NeatSpeech 1.0

Initial Distribution

OpenEars 1.2.3

Fixes an encoding bug that was preventing good results with Chinese speech recognition.

OpenEars 1.2.2

Fixes a crash in the fallback grapheme generator when no word match is made...

Rejecto 1.0

Initial Rejecto Distribution

RapidEars 1.1

Fixes for unexpected behavior with suspending/resuming and switching models.

OpenEars 1.2.1

Adds an armv7s slice so it can be compiled for iOS6 and the iPhone 5...

OpenEars 1.2

Documentation is now shipped as HTML docs, PDFs, epub and via the interactive tutorial page...

RapidEars 1.0

Initial Distribution

OpenEars 1.1

Fixes for the last remaining leaks in LanguageModelGenerator...

OpenEars 1.01

Bugfix update for leaks in the dynamic language model generation...

OpenEars 1.0

Easy install, all-C language modelling and 3x faster phonetic lookup fallback method for vastly...

SaveThatWave 1.65

Added feature to output entire listening loop perceived speech as WAV

OpenEars 0.913

A bugfix release that fixes an issue that could prevent compilation on an upcoming OS version.

OpenEars 0.912

A bugfix release fixing OpenEarsEventsObserver was never receiving a...

OpenEars 0.911

Primarily a bugfix release fixing the following issues...

OpenEars 0.91

Now supports in-app creation of ARPA language models, switching between ARPA language models in...

OpenEars 0.9.02

Maintenance release workaround for compile with thumb bug in...

OpenEars 0.9.01

Simplification of library and fix for beta SDKs and Xcode prerelease versions.

OpenEars 0.9.00

First version.